Undergraduate Programs
A variety of undergraduate courses and programs are offered through MTSU and MSCC at the MTEC facility.


Graduate Programs
The following graduate program is offered by MTSU at the MTEC facility.

  • Master of Science in Teaching Mathematics
    MTSU will be offering graduate math classes at the MTEC facility in Shelbyville. These courses can be applied to the Masters of Science in Teaching (MST) Mathematics. Courses will be taught via videoconferencing at the MTEC facility. Two classes will be offered each semester on a rotating basis to fulfill requirements for this degree. Some education courses will have to be taken online or at MTSU’s main campus in Murfreesboro. For more information, please contact Dr. Michaele Chappell, MST Program Coordinator, (615) 898-2393.


While not every program to complete every degree can be offered onsite, several different degree programs can be completed by combining onsite courses and online courses offered through MTSU and MSCC. For more information regarding our degree programs please contact us.


Because the course offerings are dynamic, follow these instructions to access the courses offered at MTEC each semester:


  1. On the class scheduling page, left click and drag down through each of the subject areas.
  2. Click "advanced search"
  3. In the locations section, choose the MTEC/Shelbyville line
  4. Click "find classes"


This will provide a listing of all the MTSU courses offered at MTEC. The same process can be followed on the Motlow site.


If you're interested in these and other programs, visit MTSU's University College.


Graduate cohort classes at MTEC include a microcomputer course for teachers (June 10-14, 2013).