2+2 Degree Program


What is the '2+2 Degree Program'?
The 2+2 degree program is a partnership between Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and Motlow State Community College (MSCC) that helps students to complete a program of study at MSCC prior to transferring to MTSU.


The 2+2 degree program being offered at MTEC allows students to earn an Associate of Science in Teaching (AST) degree from Motlow and Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree from MTSU which will prepare them to teach elementary education (K–6). Many of the course requirements are available online, as daytime classes, or evening classes at Middle Tennessee Education Center or the MTSU campus in Murfreesboro. The program is designed to give the student as much flexibility in scheduling as possible.


For more information regarding these and other programs, please contact the Middle Tennessee Education Center which can be reached at (931) 685-4444. The advisor for MTSU student is Dr. Terri Tharp; the advisor for Motlow students is Renea Cotham. For general questions about this program and course offerings, MTSU students can contact Wayne Dillingham, MTEC Coordinator.


New 2+2 program brochure coming soon. Please visit the 2+2 website below.


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